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Behind The Noise is a music industry and entertainment Podcast hosted by former heavy metal front man Marc Farquhar. Bringing you in depth conversations with interesting people in and around the music and entertainment world. From artists & bands to comedians & broadcasters, from record labels & festival organisers to actors and entrepreneurs and all like you've never heard them before. This is the place to hear them, unedited, uncensored talking at length about their experiences and telling their real stories. Assisted by producer Tek they try to get to the bottom of what it's really like behind the noise!

Sep 4, 2017

Behind The Noise #16 - Raz White, Tank Brownlee-Chapman

Raz White & Tank Brownlee-Chapman are members of the Embers Community. They joined us in the studio to tell the amazing story of how they as part of a 6 person team saved a much loved music venue from closing down using the power and support of their local community. Relaunching what was Club Rock in Carlisle as Embers Bar using crowd sourced funds from their local community and the help of local people and businesses they have managed to turn it into a thriving music venue with huge potential to become a stronghold for music fans in the Carlisle area. In this fascinating conversation they reveal how quickly they managed to step in and turn the situation around using incredible resourcefulness and determination and although very stressful they managed to create something that could be repeated in many other towns and cities which also face the prospect of more music establishments closing down.
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