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Behind The Noise is a music industry and entertainment Podcast hosted by former heavy metal front man Marc Farquhar. Bringing you in depth conversations with interesting people in and around the music and entertainment world. From artists & bands to comedians & broadcasters, from record labels & festival organisers to actors and entrepreneurs and all like you've never heard them before. This is the place to hear them, unedited, uncensored talking at length about their experiences and telling their real stories. Assisted by producer Tek they try to get to the bottom of what it's really like behind the noise!

Aug 19, 2019

Lauryn Graves is a singer/songwriter of UK psychedelic folk rock band Delagrave. She and keys man Dee joined Marc & Tek in the studio talk about their upcoming EP and release gig at the OFS in Carlisle. They also talk about songwriting, the creative process and the pitfalls and traps of the music business AND played...

Aug 5, 2019

Matt Adamson is the frontman for UK stoner metal band BÖSEN, he returns to the show to talk about the bands first shows which happened since his last appearance but also to discuss his recent life alteration in which he now eats healthy, works out regularly and has totally changed his daily routine simply because he...

Jul 15, 2019

Caroline Robertson is the presenter on BBC Radio Cumbria, she returns to the show after almost 2 years to talk about he recent promotion to the mid morning show broadcasting Monday - Friday 9am-12pm as well as discussing her recent travels all over the world and her stand up comedy career.

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BBC Radio Cumbria...

Jul 1, 2019

Nathan Christie Baird AKA drawnfromthemind is a UK based podcast and meme artist specializing in guest/host portraits and podcast artwork. His work has been used by the likes of Joe Rogan, Bert Kriescher, Tom Segura and many more. Oh... and he does it ALL on his phone!

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Comedy Content Collective - 

Jun 17, 2019

Darren Horne is a lecturer, author and public speaker specializing in positive and forward thinking to achieve goals in businesses and in life. 

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Hero's Journey:

Level Up You Teens: