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The podcast of British musician Marc Farquhar. Bringing you in depth face to face conversations with people from in and around the world of entertainment, music, media, business and entrepreneurship.

Dec 31, 2018

The first episode of 2019 will be released on Thursday January the 10th.

Behind the noise bonus episode #2

In this show Marc gives out some download stats including the total time spent talking!, recaps on a fantastic 2018 sharing some of his personal highlights as well as a look ahead to 2019 including a preview of...

Dec 17, 2018

Behind The Noise #42 - Sabrina Ramdoyal

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Sabrina Ramdoyal is a professional photographer who has captured some of the biggest artists in the world, concentrating mainly on rock & metal she was recently invited to shoot Slayer's final show in the UK at the Manchester Arena....

Dec 3, 2018

Behind The Noise #41 - Tim Lorton

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As well as being a metal head from Birmingham which is considered by many to be the home of metal, Tim Lorton he is also a fire fighter, drummer and owns his own baked potato company "Tattie Tim's(World Famous) Baked Potatos" with customers...