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The podcast of British musician Marc Farquhar. Bringing you in depth face to face conversations with people from in and around the world of entertainment, music, media, business and entrepreneurship.

Sep 24, 2020

A New Media Force in Cumbria!


Cumbria's biggest podcast teams up with pioneering local music trust!


Penrith, Cumbria, UK, 23/9/2020 - The Studio at Sunbeams, part of Annie Mawson's Sunbeams Music Trust, is to become the new home of Cumbria's most popular podcast 'Behind The Noise'. 

Host Marc Farquhar has signed a multi-year deal with the Trust which will see Sunbeams provide the new studio location for the podcast, allowing the use of their excellent facilities with the aim of helping to elevate the show to a new level. In return, Farquhar and his team at 'Behind The Noise' will look to use their wide ranging audience to raise the profile of the charity even further than the high esteem in which it is already held as well as encouraging more musicians to use the fantastic recording and production facilities Sunbeams has at its disposal.

Behind The Noise Podcast

Farquhar, originally from the North East but a native of Cumbria for over 20 years, founded the podcast in early 2017 when his band Die No More was preparing for an indefinite hiatus. It has since gone on to gain a worldwide audience with many high profile guests appearing on the show including people from the BBC, Channel 4 and Glastonbury Festival. It's unique format of relaxed studio based in-depth conversations allows the listeners to really feel like they are in the room listening to a very interesting conversation and often has the guests opening up in ways they wouldn't normally be able to in a more traditional setting. Add to that the wide spectrum of guests ranging from Musicians, influencers and music industry insiders to TV personalities, comedians, actors and authors. This gives the show a broad appeal with regular downloads from over 30 countries.  'Behind The Noise' has also showcased some of Cumbria's leading lights in music, business and entertainment. For the guests themselves it's a very innovative platform on which they can reach potential new fans or customers in ways which are free from the restrictions of more traditional media and broadcasting.

Behind The Noise in it's previous setting


Annie Mawson's Sunbeams Music Trust

Annie Mawson's Sunbeams Music Trust was Founded by Cumbrian born Harpist and Singer, Annie Mawson MBE in 1992. Sunbeams provides Community Music Therapy to children and adults with a wide range of disabilities and complex medical needs including physical disabilities and mental health problems, Alzheimer's and senile dementia, cerebral palsy, autism, Down’s Syndrome, sensory impairments, emotional and behavioural disturbance and profound multiple disabilities.

A team of specially trained community musicians deliver over 60 live music workshops in 53 project-venues per month transforming the lives of their beneficiaries through the Music For Life® and Music For Dignity® Programmes. The specialist musicians led by Annie herself, now deliver Community Music Therapy to over 1000 beneficiaries at the award-winning Sunbeams Music Centre every month. The facility also boasts a large conference room, multiple meeting rooms, training facilities and a stunning sensory woodland and garden area which are all available to the general public for hire.

The Studio At Sunbeams

Opened in 2018 The Studio at Sunbeams is a professional recording studio and is part of the incredible work of Annie Mawson's Sunbeams Music Trust. Run by award-winning producer and engineer Pete Ord, 'The Studio' seeks to provide a high quality, top level recording studio accessible to all, from garage band to international orchestra. The recording landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade, however the perfect recording space and engineer/producer is vital and can never be underestimated when you want to achieve a professional sound. This incredible facility is fully capable of working with artists and bands of all levels and aspirations, whether that's a full album production or just a space to track drums before taking the project home. With multiple recording packages available, Sunbeams is in a prime position to help many aspiring and flourishing Cumbrian musicians achieve their goals.

Producer Pete Ord and some of the facilities at 'The Studio' 


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Sunbeams Music Trust

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The Studio At Sunbeams

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