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The podcast of British musician Marc Farquhar. Bringing you in depth face to face conversations with people from in and around the world of entertainment, music, media, business and entrepreneurship.

Sep 17, 2018

Behind The Noise #36 - Redfish

Rod Mackay is a Scottish born blues bass guitarist now based in Carlisle in the North West of England. Joined by guitarist Martin McDonald, they discuss the story of their band Redfish but also their incredibly successful monthly Jam night at the OFS(Old Fire Station) in Carlisle which...

Sep 3, 2018

Your Questions & comments...

In this special episode of Behind The Noise, Marc answers your questions and responds to your comments about the show, the quests, funny stories, the format, the future of the show and many other things.

Show Notes:

Facebook closed group - "Behind The Noise Podcast Community"(for exclusive...