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The podcast of British musician Marc Farquhar. Bringing you in depth face to face conversations with people from in and around the world of entertainment, music, media, business and entrepreneurship.

Dec 18, 2017


Dave Maclachlan and Alex Adamson are the Singer and guitarist respectively of UK Tech Metal band The Sun Explodes. Formed in 2008, the Carlisle, Cumbria based outfit have risen in the ranks of the UK metal scene and built a strong following and after being on hiatus they are back and joined us in the studio to tell Marc and Producer Tek all about it. They also officially announced the return of guitarist Alex who left earlier in the year. He explains his decision for leave as well as returning, they tell stories of the bands history and discuss the genre of tech metal as well as the future of music itself.

Show Notes:

The Sun Explodes:

Band Members
Dave Maclachlan - Vocals, Keys
Jamie Harris - Drums
Alex Harris - Guitar, Vocals 
Mike Walker - Bass
Alex Adamson - Guitar, Vocals

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